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Finding The Eco Friendly Outdoor Furniture

Wouldn't your guests love to know that you were doing your part to keep your business environmentally-friendly?

Wouldn't you love to always have your outdoor furniture for guests looking great?

Wouldn't you love a product you didn't have to replace every couple of years?

Polywood Outdoors range is perfect for commercial settings because it never rots, splits and peels, loves water, rain and sun, and is incredibly environmentally friendly.

Our website only shows a selected range of the superior HDPE furniture that we can provide. To see the full range contact us for a catalogue and commerical price list.

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Cost is all important when you are looking at recycled outdoor furniture in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or just about anywhere else in Australia. It can be very easy to end up buying recycled pieces that do not really meet your needs to cut costs. But when you shop with us, it is easy to see why so many businesses have begun to buy eco friendly outdoor furniture for their Sydney premises from us as they can get so much more for their money.

Even though you might be looking for the best prices, this does not mean that you should have to deal with poor quality. Our entire line of HDPE outdoor furniture, from outdoor dining settings to lounges and garden chairs, is backed with a full guarantee to ensure that you and your guests will be delighted for many years to come.

Browse Our Huge Selection

One problem you might find with shopping for eco friendly outdoor furniture is a lack of choice. You may find that they only have one or two different designs available which are both eco-friendly and long lasting. Many do not carry HDPE outdoor furniture, but we offer a full line of eco-friendly outdoor furniture that is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable when the time comes to replace it. We offer the best selection in our never-ending sale; check out our gallery and online store to see them all and get some outdoor decor inspiration.

Personal Shoppers: Online Store

Personal shoppers can purchase any of our garden furniture online at our online store. It comes flat-packed so can be delivered Australia-wide at reasonable rates. Visit our online store to buy now.