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Are you ready to replace the old and worn out furniture your guests have been using for the last few summers? Make sure you find the best possible new designs (at great prices) to replace it. Our white outdoor chairs, lounges and tables are second to none in terms of durability, functionality and maintenance-free good looks.

The chairs and tables your guests have been using may have looked good when new, but what you really need is something that is going to last even longer and requires no care to keep it looking great. We understand your requirements; when you want to buy white garden furniture that will look good for a long time our selection of Polywood HDPE designs is the answer.

The problem with metal garden chairs is that they will start rusting in a very short period of time, and white wood can rot. Since your guests will not want white outdoor chairs to rust on their clothes, and considering you may want to set the table with white linen etc. for outdoor dining, the pieces you choose must be long lasting and maintenance-free. Our range of white outdoor chairs are exactly what you are looking for — long lasting, hard-wearing, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly! Whenever you want to buy white garden furniture at great prices, come to Polywood Outdoors.


While metal outdoor furniture will rust and wooden furniture will rot, our selection of white garden chairs and furniture is made to provide you with many years of trouble free service. Your guests will love the wood look and feel, and the fact that they do not have to worry about getting rust stains on their clothes or splinters from rotting wood. If you want to buy pieces that will last, our HDPE furniture is made to stand the test of time; for more details on our outstanding 20 year warranty, see our Warranty page or call us today.

Made from a high percentage of post-consumer materials, our furniture transforms landfill waste into usable products